Award Pictures  has  numerous  Motion Pictures  in development.  As  projects  are put  through  the process of Copyright, more listings will appear on this page, so check back often to keep up with the coming changes! For now, here are a few to start with:...

Genesis of the Necronomicon


In 1912 an archaeologist receives ancient cuneiform texts that take him on a journey across the world, through time, and to countless horrors that reveal the origin of the awful book of evil, the Necronomicon.

Genesis of the Necronomicon II

The adventures and horrors continue as our hero is beset with the problems created by the supernatural progenitors of the evil book and their plan of terror for all humanity.

Swimming in the Sky

A fascinating story we're working on is called Swimming in the Sky.  This is a story about an Olympic swimmer, her trainer, who is a skydiver as well as swimmer, and the love they have for each other, which reaches into the supernatural.

Saber Toothed Babes:

In the Blood Soaked Halls of Hell

In 1940, two beautiful Chinese/American sisters seriously want to become movie stars like Ginger Rogers by dancing their way to success!  Little do they know that they will embark on an epic adventure to save the Spirit of Empowerment that has been captured by the fiends of Hell!

Fairy Princess

This mix of live action and CGI animation tells the story of a Royal Fairy girl who loses her position and powers as the Fairy Princess, and is turned into a human girl through an attack by Gnomes.  How can she regain her heritage?

Frightening Freddie

In this CGI animation dragons come from the Dimension of Dragons.  In Frightening Freddie, Freddie must find the magic food which will make his wings grow and help him breath fire.  He makes many friends among the woodland animals.